Virtual Vibe 2020 is now OPEN for Classes!

Virtual Vibe is the same schedule as the Jan-June 2020



Together, we love that The Vibe can continue to employ our awesome faculty, bring amazing training and education to your dancers, and help in the exercise structure of the student’s new school day. All this while continuing to have the best customer service available to you during this time. Remote offices unite!!


Here is what Virtual Vibe commits to bringing our dancers:

  • You will receive an email from the studio on your dance day that is specific to your class. If your class is normally held on Wednesday, you will receive your email on Wednesday by 3pm. It will include a greeting from your teacher, warm-up exercises, class activities, Recital choreography review (if applicable), and even new choreography. 

  • We encourage you to put on your dance clothes at your designated dance time and take your class just like you would if you were in the studio! But of course, you can take the class anytime! 

  • Occasional Zoom Face To Face Meet ups with your teachers!

  • Weekly (select) live-online classes.

  • Teachers will also provide you with bonus content to keep your dancers busy.

  • We will continue to honor and celebrate our seniors these next couple of months! 

  • We have a fun dance planned for the Finale at Recital that will involve the entire studio. We can't wait to share it with you!


Our goal is to celebrate your dancer and their hard work with our end of the season “Celebration Recital 2020” when we return to the studio, no matter what, even if the date and format/venue may change. We are being flexible with what this may look like and adapting as things are changing daily. 


Tuition will be assessed with 20% off the normal calculated amount (see table below). We guarantee you, our staff is working overtime to provide your dancers with valuable content and learning. However, We also understand that this is an unusual financial time and want to be understanding of that with a discounted rate.


If your family is facing hardship because of this nationwide shutdown, please let us know. We’d love to work out a plan to keep your dancer dancing!

2019 - 2020

Virtual Vibe Monthly Tuition Table Per Dancer

We are offering Virtual Vibe Tuition with a 20% discount

off the normal tuition table below. 


Monthly tuition is figured on a weekly per hour rate.

(For example, if your dancer registers for two hours per week, you would pay $87 per month)
























Family Discount Program (Family Cap $324 mo.)

1st Dancer: Full Price

2nd Dancer: 25% Off Tuition

3rd Dancer: 50% Off Tuition

4th Dancer: Free Tuition

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