What To Wear To Class?



Black Leotard, pink or black tights, and pink ballet shoes for all ballet dancers. Hair secured in bun with no bangs. Ballet 5 and Ballet 6 can wear any form of tight black dancewear that shows all body lines. 



Form fitting dancewear of any style or color. Half sole shoes or jazz shoes. Hair up and secured away from face. 


Hip Hop:

We encourage personal style with our hip hop dancers! Leggings, sweats, loose fitting shorts and most styles of tops and t-shirts are acceptable. No bra tops and booty shorts for hip hop. No jeans.  

Any type of athletic shoe. 



Jazz or hip hop attire is appropriate. Dancers must have tap shoes. NO jeans. Please see front desk or instructor for shoe specifics if necessary.



Form fitting dancewear, leotards, etch with hair secured up and

away from face. Bare feet. 


Creative Movement and Jazz/Tap/Ballet Combo Classes:

We know our youngest dancers LOVE to wear the leotard and skirt outfits! Any color or style of dancewear is acceptable. Both classes will need ballet shoes, Combo classes also need tap shoes.


  **All Dancers: Overly revealing dancewear is not acceptable. Please keep in mind that our studio is a family friendly/oriented atmosphere. We understand that in the studio room dancers may wear sports bras and spandex shorts. Please remember that this is appropriate only inside the studio rooms. When dancers are leaving or entering our studio building dancers should be covered.

What Is Your Weather Closure Policy?


The V!be tries follows the Bend/Lapine School Closures for weather. If the schools have a weather closure, we will update our website and social media by noon to let you know if we are closed as well.

What Holidays are you closed/open?


Our studio will be closed on the following days: Labor Day, Thanksgiving Break (Nov 25th-Nov 30th), Winter Break (Dec 23rd-Jan 5th), MLK Day (Jan 20th), Spring Break (Mar 23rd-28th) and Memorial Day (May 25th). There are no prorated months for these holidays. The Vibe will prorate the month of June to ½ your tuition.

Will Dancers Perform in a Recital?


The V!be hosts an Early Grade Recital (only for dancers 3-8 years old) in December and a studio-wide recital in June, at the end of the January-June session. Most classes perform in the recital, but you/your dancer is not required to participate. Please inform your instructor if you are not wanting to perform. Throughout the session, we notify all dancing families (via email) about recital dates, costume fees, and general recital information.


for our policies and information

When Are Costume Fees Due?


Not all classes will have costume fees. Because a large amount of our dancers take multiple classes, we try to be mindful of the amount of costume fees vs. self-costumes. We will be emailing out a list for the costume fees for each class. Please note: Your account must be paid in full to pick up costumes


- Winter Showcase Costume Fees Due by October 9th - June Recital Costume Fees Due by February 28th